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—KBB is made up of a core consultancy team comprising specialized individuals with varied skills in development planning, infrastructure project design and programming, project implementation and operation, project monitoring and evaluation, environment impact assessment; and many more.

—The on-job specialized experiences of the individual team members and directors range between ten (10) to thirty (30) years of relevant expertise each.This highly dynamic team has adequate skills and exposure in many aspects of physical infrastructure development consultancies and lays a lot of emphasis on professionalism in approach.

KBB associates (Kampala, Uganda) is an Africa region-wide Consultancy Firm, offering consultancy services majorly in the Transport/Roads/Traffic ; and Water, Sanitation and Environment sectors. The other areas of consultancy include oil and gas sector, energy, health, education and in buildings. KBB also undertakes socio-economic sector studies, research and consultancy.

KBB has over 14 years experience, having been originally registered in Kampala, Uganda as Horizon Entrepreneurs and associates in 1998. It later traded as Horizon Entp (ltd). The individual experience of associates and partners range from 10years to 40years.

mission, vision and objectives

—At KBB, we aim to provide long-term innovations and re-engineered products through consultancy and research so as to provide clients with feasible solutions from the value-added deliverables.
—KBB –Uganda’s mission is to “Participate as key partners in setting up an enabling environment that will foster increased and sustainable welfare of communities especially at the lowest level.”
—The main objective of KBB – Uganda is to participate as key partners in improving the quality of life of Africans through applying appropriate and requisite consultancy, planning, research and training, focusing on the community through a beneficiary based, result focused interactive and all-stakeholder participatory approach. Our products are therefore client and community demand driven.

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Consulting including Infrastructure designs, Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Health, Business, Security, Governance, Economic, Social, Political and Resource Mobilization.

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Address: Impala National Housing Namungona
                        House/Office No. 001
                        P.O.Box 37666
Telephone:  +256 751 688 470
Others:         +256 752 837 348
E-mail:  kalikabyo@gmail.com                           info@kbbuganda.com